Kars4Kids Sends Kids to an Exciting Week of Camp at TheZone

Kars4Kids pic

Image: kars4kidsprograms.org

James Neumann, founder and president of OOS Investments, is a media and entertainment executive responsible for the placement of hundreds of outdoor advertising sites throughout the United States. As a supporter of Kars4Kids, James Neumann also participates in the work of an organization that impacts kids across the nation.

Kars4Kids is a national organization that works to address the educational, material, emotional, and spiritual needs of Jewish children and their families. Kars4Kids utilizes a unique year-round model that recognizes that kids need help not only throughout the school year but also during the summer. With mentorship at the core of the work they do, Kars4Kids sponsors afterschool, summer, and family programs that help mentors get involved in all the major aspects of children’s lives. One of these initiatives is TheZone, a summer camp program in the scenic Catskills region of New York.

TheZone features a wide range of activities for campers, including watersports, horseback riding, art classes, kickboxing, and athletics. The camps run through the summer and provide children with an unforgettable summer camp experience at state-of-the-art facilities.


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