Smart Billboards Deliver Targeted Ads to Individual Drivers

OOS Investments pic

OOS Investments

Since 1985, James Neumann has presided over OOS Investments in Chicago, Illinois. As president, James Neumann controls dozens of billboards across the country. His company deals in both static and digital boards, and provides clients with marketing and business planning advice as well.

New advancements in billboard technology may bring a new generation of roadside advertisements to drivers in the near future. Collaboration between a Japanese advertising firm and a California-based software company has led to smart billboards that deliver targeted advertisements to individual drivers.

Smart billboards are programmed to recognize upwards of 200 vehicles, and currently achieve 94 percent accuracy. When a recognized vehicle approaches, the LED billboard will change to bring that driver a targeted ad. Ads will change frequently, and will generally be displayed for five seconds or less. Advertisers can show one type of ads to truck drivers, another to minivan owners, and something different for motorcyclists. With these smart billboards, advertisers can show individual drivers ads for a newer model of the vehicle they are currently driving.


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