Golf Tip – Better Posture Yields a Stronger Swing

Better Posture  pic

Better Posture

James Neumann began working with billboards as an installer at the age of 19. Now the chair and CEO of Optic Outdoor Signs, a leading outdoor media group, James Neumann oversees a portfolio of more than 300 billboards across North America.

To achieve a strong golf swing, the golfer must create enough rotation in the torso so that the unwinding motion puts power behind the ball. This rotation requires a straight back and a forward bend, hinged at the hips.

This bend at the hips is an essential component of the golfer’s posture. Too many golfers bend forward from the waist. Doing so rounds the back and curves the spine, which then cannot serve as a strong central column.

Golfers who are unfamiliar with the feeling of bending at the hips can practice in front of a mirror. While curving the fingertips into the joints at the front of the pelvis, the golfer gently sends the hips and rear backward and leans slightly forward with the back kept flat.

A golfer may also choose to practice this motion with a club. The club should extend forward from the navel, and the shoulders should be held back. Tilting from the hip joint, the golfer keeps the back steady as he or she lowers the club to the ground. The stance is correct when the knees are slightly flexed but not dramatically bent.


Why Explore New England?

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Freedom Trail

The president of OOS Investments in Chicago, Illinois, James Neumann oversees the operation of numerous billboards throughout the United States. Beyond his work with billboards, James Neumann enjoys traveling across the nation.

Both foreign and domestic travelers in the United States may wish to explore New England, which offers plentiful opportunity from a natural and historic standpoint. Many people choose to start in Boston with its 2.5-mile Freedom Trail and historic waterfront along the harbor where the Boston Tea Party took place.

If you want to explore farther off the beaten path, Vermont offers some beautiful natural sights. For instance, Mad River Valley, home of Warren Falls, also encompasses about 2.5 miles of Lincoln Brook, which passes meadows and forests and comes to a deep chasm covered with ferns and spectacular rock formations.

Connecticut boasts a castle that belonged to a stage actor known for playing Sherlock Holmes. Now known as Gillette Castle State Park, the castle and grounds provide extensive hiking trails, a steam train, and ferry boat.

If the charm of a waterfront bed and breakfast sounds appealing, you can visit Newport, Rhode Island, with its mansions from the Gilded Age. You also can tour the mansions, which served as the summer homes for families such as the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, and Astors.

Determining When to Grow a Business


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Grow a Business

Since 2015, James Neumann has served as the president of Shout Outdoor Media, a company that produces billboards and other forms of outdoor media. The billboard company is based in Chicago, Illinois, and relies on James Neumann’s prior successes in business to provide it the leadership it needs.

Part of leading a company requires figuring out when to grow it. In many situations, a need for growth is made clear by a business’ steadily growing customer base. While gaining new customers is extremely important to a company’s success, it can prevent businesses from effectively meeting the increased demand for their product or service. When customers are waiting several months for a particular service, it may be time for a business to grow.

Some business leaders prefer growing on their own terms and may feel their company is ready based on its past performance. Consistent profits throughout changes in the economy demonstrate that an entity is capable of handling challenges within the market and prove that a business has established a loyal customer base. Given these signs of success, leaders may decide that it is the right time to grow.

Further, companies that have clear growth goals and a solid management team may be ready to expand. With these aspects in place, leaders are capable of monitoring success during a period of business growth and delegating important tasks to skilled individuals. However, leaders must take the time to complete thorough research regarding everything from government regulations and minimum wage variations to market predictions and size before starting the process.

Billboard Advertising In the Digital Age

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Billboard Advertising

James Neumann, chairman and CEO of Optic Outdoor Signs, has earned recognition in the field of billboard marketing for a career filled with innovation, being noted among the “50 Pioneers and Visionaries of Advertising” by Advertising Age, and the “Five Original Thinkers of the ‘90s” by Chicago Magazine. At his current position, James Neumann now operates the largest privately held outlet of billboards in the US, taking in 45 million viewers on a monthly basis through displays of over 300 billboards across three countries.

Odd as it might seem for a forward thinker to be associated with such a traditional form of advertising, the truth of the matter is that it is still very effective, according to recent research. One study in 2011 noted that more than two-thirds of drivers frequently take note of billboards, and over one-third have reported a regular habit of checking them at almost every occasion, while a majority credit billboards with informing them on upcoming events, or suggesting restaurants they later visit.

This is not to suggest there’s no room for evolution in the medium, however. While plenty of paper billboards are still strewn throughout the United States, digital billboards are rapidly replacing them. They may be more costly to produce and maintain, but they can also be much more effective by offering engaging animated visuals, and use their space more efficiently by allowing a series of advertisements to rotate through their displays, effectively allowing advertisers to share the board. It’s worth noting that in a time when some are feeling overwhelmed by advertising, digital billboards are actually regarded with some favor – nearly three-quarters of viewers consider digital billboards to be not only a good medium for advertisement, but more effective than online ads.