Popular Boating Locations near Chicago

Montrose Harbor pic

Montrose Harbor
Image: marinas.com

A proven leader, James Neumann serves as the CEO and chairman of OOS Investments, LLC. In this capacity, he establishes the strategic direction of the Chicago-based media and entertainment company and oversees its operations. Outside of work, James Neumann enjoys spending time outdoors. He is especially fond of boating.

Because of its proximity to Lake Michigan, Chicago is often regarded as a boating haven. Following are just a few of the top boating spots near the city to keep boating enthusiasts out on the water:

Montrose Harbor: Featuring a strong beachside vacation feel, Montrose Harbor is a great spot for summertime boating. The marina is regularly populated with visitors enjoying the beach and playing music, and there is plenty of docking available. Boaters also get a great view of downtown Chicago while enjoying the friendly atmosphere.

Fox Lake: Located just northwest of Chicago, Fox Lake is the ideal place for fishing, picnicking, or just enjoying the water. The largest in the so-called Chain-O-Lakes, it maintains ramps, fuel, and a marina. The lake is connected to others in the chain through a series of rivers.

Chicago River: Weaving through the middle of downtown Chicago, boating along the Chicago River can be a unique experience. Boaters travel under bridges and past the city’s urban buildings, giving them the chance to view the city from a new angle. While there’s not a lot of on-the-water activity in the Chicago River, it is lined with restaurants, parks, and bars.


Tips for Writing a Book



The president of OOS Investments in Chicago, James Neumann pursues various hobbies and interests outside of work. One of James Neumann’s goals is to write a book.

Arguably, the hardest part of publishing a book is the writing itself. One way for an aspiring author to get started is to write a small amount, perhaps 300 words daily, during a time designated for that purpose. It may also be helpful to find the right place to write. The place should be reserved only for writing, so that the writer can focus on his or her work each time he or she enters that space.

Making an outline is also an important part of writing a book. Even a very general outline that consists of a beginning, middle, and end can help keep the book organized. Starting by creating a table of contents and breaking up each chapter into smaller sections can be an even more effective way to keep chapters organized. One may even wish to set a specific word count for the entire book, so that each chapter can be broken up into equal lengths.

The last step in writing a book is usually getting feedback from peers or advisers. Sometimes, it’s best to get feedback early in the process, so that things can be changed or edited before the writer spends too much time on them. Writing one’s first book is a learning process, so even if it ends in failure, it is important to try again.