Two Start-Up Companies That Aim to Change the World

Global Giving Image:

Global Giving


James Neumann studied business in Chicago, Illinois and currently serves as president of Optic Outdoor Signs. In this role, James “Jim” Neumann owns and operates multiple billboards nationwide; with over 300 displays, his billboards reach over 45 million people each month. Outside of his own business, he maintains an interest in start-ups that seek to help the world.

From the innumerable start-ups around the United States and in other countries, Forbes has selected several with particukar potential. Among these are Global Giving and Better Place.

Global Giving is a network that aims to transform the way individuals are investing in the developing world. While raising more than $65 million dollars, Global Giving has supported over 5K projects by connecting donors to grassroots initiatives around the world.

Better Place is another start-up that is striving to encourage forward-thinking practices for electronic vehicles and builds transportation infrastructure for them. This company believes that investing in the infrastructure of tomorrow to facilitate more efficient and greener technology for automobiles. Better Place educates individuals and companies in developing products and targeting future markets that lead to a viable, sustainable business model.